Ethereal Piano School is a privately run studio, affiliated with the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland, who provides piano lessons for individuals of any age.

Located in Wishart, Ethereal Piano School provides privately run piano and music theory lessons. Our studio is equipped with a grand piano to enhance the students' learning experience, and ultimately enhance the quality of their music education

We are qualified to prepare students for music practical and theory examinations, which are recognised by the Australian government (A.M.E.B, A.B.R.S.M, etc.). We also offer lessons for those who simply wish to enjoy learning the piano as a hobby, under the guidance of a piano teacher. 

The school was founded by pianist and teacher Ashwin Mavani in 2013. Since then we have had years of rewarding experience guiding children, youth and adult learners through their music journeys. We now have four talented teachers, who are also expert pianists. 

Mastering Music, Producing Excellence

There’s music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it.
— Frances Clark - American Pianist, Pedagogue and Academic