Ethereal Piano School is a privately run studio, affiliated with the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland, which provides piano lessons for individuals of any age.

Discover the joy of making music!


Lessons at Ethereal Piano School are conducted in a 1 on 1 setting to maximise student benefit. Lessons are conducted in our Wishart studio, equiped with a grand piano.

Ethereal Piano School provides special lessons for students working towards A.M.E.B, A.B.R.S.M, Trinity College or Australian College of Music Examinations. We also provide lessons for students who would like to learn improvisation. 

Aside from these, students can also learn for leisure, as a hobby, or to improve their musical ability. 

If you wish to contact us with any questions you may have, please click the "contact" link on the above menu and send us a message.

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The Founder / Lead Teacher


Ashwin Mavani 

Since 2013

Ethereal Piano School was founded in 2013 by Ashwin Mavani (L.mus.A, A.mus.A, dip A.A.C.M).

Ashwin started learning the piano at the age of 5. Having a keen ear and sense for music, his parents pursued piano lessons for him in the town of Hastings, New Zealand. Taking to the keys from the start, it quickly became his passion.

After moving to Australia in 2008, he joined a musical high school, where he was given the opportunity to learn many other instruments: the double bass, French horn, guitar, drum kit and ukulele. He played the double bass and French horn in the symphony orchestra and concert band of the high school, competing in musical competitions around Brisbane. He joined the Queensland Korean Orchestra (Q.K.O) for French horn in 2012.

Piano, however, remained his Forté. He continued playing piano with enthusiasm throughout numerous concerts and competitions in Brisbane. At High School, he gained his first two associate diplomas in piano performance from the A.M.E.B. At this time, he started to privately teach piano students ranging from 4 - 40 years in age. 

Over the next couple of years, he was rewarded to see excellent results from his students in AMEB exams and other musical events. He gained experience in teaching a variety of students not only in the piano, but also the guitar. Having decided that teaching music to students became his passion, he set up Ethereal Piano School.

Ashwin continues to mentor and develop the teachers at Ethereal Piano School, whilst remaining in touch with the parents with regards to any concerns they might have around their child's music education. 

The General Manager

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Justin Ho 

General Manager - Ethereal Piano School

Justin Ho is a friendly, capable and approachable leader/administrator. He directs most of the ongoing administrative affairs including (but not limited to): scheduling of lessons, enrolment of students, resource arrangements and invoicing payments. He has a great sense of responsibility and ready to offer help, to ensure students get the most out of their lessons with Ethereal Piano School.  

Justin’s learning of the drums and improvisational piano, allowed him to cross paths with the director which eventually developed into a partnership. He began working closely with the director to help in administrative tasks. As a trusted close associate and friend, to all in the Ethereal Piano School, he was then appointed by the director as general manager in 2017.

Prior to his involvement with Ethereal Piano School, he has previously been employed/ held these positions:

-       Student Council Representative and Rauchle Service Club  (2009-2012)

-       Administrator at International City Church (2010-2012)

-       President of Club ICC at The University of Queensland (2015-2016)

-       Administrative assistant in Community Based Rehab Team Center, Sub-acute and chronic rehabilitation clinic (2016)

In his years of being active in the community, he discovered his capabilities in appreciating detail in processes, maintaining order and managing structure. This has had much value to upholster the administrative processes and planning occurring within the school. Justin continues to support all students and teachers behind the scenes and is always available when needed.