Ethereal Piano School is a privately run studio, affiliated with the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland, which provides piano lessons for individuals of any age.

Discover the joy of making music!


Lessons at Ethereal Piano School are conducted in a 1 on 1 setting to maximise student benefit. Lessons are conducted in our Wishart studio, equiped with a grand piano to maximise the students' experience.

Ethereal Piano School provides special lessons for students working towards A.M.E.B practical examinations.

Aside from these, students can also learn for leisure, as a hobby, or to improve their musical ability. 

If you wish to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our lessons, please click the "contact" link and send us a message.

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The Founder / Lead Teacher


Ashwin Mavani 

Since 2013

Ethereal Piano School was founded in 2013 by Ashwin Mavani (L.mus.A, A.mus.A, dip A.A.C.M).

Ashwin started learning the piano when he was 5 years old. Having a keen ear and sense for music, his parents pursued piano lessons for him in the town of Hastings, New Zealand, with a variety of different piano teachers. 

It was a struggle, because he would much rather play by ear rather than having to read music and practice scales. Gradually, however he began to enjoy learning how to read music in order to explore the different styles of piano composition. With his in view, he advanced quickly through A.M.E.B grades. 

After moving to Australia in 2008, he joined a highly musical high school. Here, he was given the opportunity to learn many other instruments, such as the double bass, French horn, guitar, Drum kit and ukulele. He played the double bass and French horn in the symphony orchestra and concert band of the high school, competing in musical competitions around Brisbane. He joined the Queensland Korean Orchestra (Q.K.O) for French horn in 2012.

Having gained a solid passion for music during this time, he continued with piano, playing at various concerts around Brisbane. In High School, he gained his first two associate diplomas in piano performance from the A.M.E.B. At this time, he started to teach his first piano students. The students' age ranged from 4 to 40 years old.

Over the next couple of years, taking interest in his students' progress, he gained much experience in teaching a variety of different age groups in not only the piano, but also the guitar. Deciding that teaching music was a grand passion of his, he set up Ethereal Piano School in order to welcome more students.

in 2014 he gained his Licentiate (L.mus.A) From the A.M.E.B. He continues to teach for the School.